The principle of Insulation Bag

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What is the principle of Insulation Bag and why does it keep warm for two to three hours? Insulation Bag, also known as passive refrigerator, is a kind of high insulation, constant temperature effect package (with warm in winter and cool in summer), insulation, heat preservation, preservation, made of high quality materials, the inner layer of the product is pearl cotton covered with aluminum foil reflective insulation layer, provide good insulation effect.

Insulation Bag material: mesh fabric double-sided PVC, waterproof and oil proof, strong tension resistance, friction resistance, anti-fold ability; Aluminum foil laminated non-woven fabric or laminated 2mm pearl cotton outside PVC reinforced, the middle clip 8mm super dense thermal insulation cotton; Support material bottom hard rubber plate; 2cm high density superhard extruded panels on all sides and bottom.

Insulation Bag Characteristics:

1. Keep heat and cold

Insulation Bag is the most basic function of insulation bag, which is a kind of short-term insulation effect, can protect cold/heat, the product insulation layer is pearl cotton + aluminum foil tin foil, can provide good insulation effect.

2. Durable

To have superior impact resistance, pressure or impact is not easy to break, will not leave a scratch.

3. Sealing

This is the first consideration when choosing a Insulation Bag. Although different brands of products seal in different ways, but sealing is the memory of food lasting conditions.

4. Preservation

The international standard of sealing measurement is based on humidity test to assess the Insulation Bag, insulation bag is 200 times lower than similar products, can keep things fresh for longer.

Note of insulation belt:

1. Forbidden open flame contact or sharp cutting tools.

2. Avoid long-term exposure to rain, humidity and sunlight, which will affect the insulation effect.

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