What is the treatment method of common problems through the shot blasting machine?

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The Shot Blast Machine runs stably

1. Check whether the driving motor works normally.

2. Check whether the belt is loose, fracture, and so on and so forth.

3. Check whether the rotor is loose and tighten nuts and bolts.

4. Check whether the cleaning room damper and the Shot Blast Machine outlet damper are in good condition.

The Shot Blast Machine cleaning effect is not good

1. Check whether the materials used meet the requirements. If the material or thickness of the steel shot is not appropriate, it will lead to poor cleaning effect. Materials need to be changed or adjusted.

2. Check whether the cleaning room is clean. If there is dust and sundries in the cleaning room, it will interfere with the cleaning effect. The cleaning room needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

3. Check whether the outlet damper of the Shot Blast Machine works normally. Incomplete closure of the damper will lead to the reflux of part of the steel shot, which will affect the cleaning effect.

4. Check whether the rotor is worn or sharpened and the axle needs to be replaced or repaired.

The Shot Blast Machine noise is too big

1. Check whether the baffle plate is damaged or loosened.

2. Check the damper is properly adjusted or is not in place.

3. Check if there are some unwanted retained substances in the cleaning room, these substances will affect the treatment effect of the oxidized bird dust bag, but also affect the noise level, so it is necessary to clean up the debris in the interior.

The Shot Blast Machine parts short life

1. Use low loss steel shot material, such as stainless steel shot.

2. Maintain Shot Blast Machine components, check and repair them regularly.

3. Use good quality parts and avoid using low quality parts.

4. Use appropriate working parameters to avoid overload or excessive working pressure.

The Shot Blast Machine energy consumption is too large

1. With low energy consumption equipment and spare parts.

2. Cleaning and maintenance, keep the equipment clean and structural integrity.

3. Control the working time cycle and working pressure to avoid overwork.

4. Use appropriate interior decoration materials to avoid excessive energy consumption.

The above is the treatment method of the common problems of the shot blasting machine.

During the actual use of the device, determine and analyze the problems according to the actual situation, and take appropriate solutions to ensure the normal operation and service life of the device. At the same time, regular inspection and maintenance of the Shot Blast Machine can effectively maintain and extend the service life of the equipment. 

The treatment methods of these problems can play a very practical role for the manufacturers and users who use the shot blasting machine for a long time.

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