Ring Shape Metal Towel Rack Mount

Ring Shape Metal Towel Rack Ring Shape Metal towel rack is a ring or semicircle that is used to hang towels, to place towels and to wipe hands after washing. Many people choose to install towel racks or towel rings in their bathrooms to facilitate towel use. So, do you know how the towel ring is installed? Towel ring is an essential hardware item, its installation height is very important.

The Ring Shape Metal Towel Rack is installed

Step 1 Polish

Polish base and walls to installation using emery cloth.

Step 2: Clean

It is very important to clean the base and polish the walls with wipes to ensure there is no dirt.

3. Prepare the glue

Open the toner cartridge and glue. Put on the plastic gloves at this point. Squeeze 3g glue into the powder container.

4. Configure glue

Soak the stick in water, apply, then use a wooden stick to mix the glue and glue in the plastic box. Stir well to form a gel and apply it to the base.

5. Install the base

Stick the waist straight up on the wall. Press the top surface of the base with both thumbs so that the glue fully touches the base and the wall. If you need to fine-tune the position of the base (please do this within 10 minutes after attaching the glue so as not to affect the paste effect). Make sure the fittings are properly installed and remove the fittings after comparison.

6. Final assembly

After 24 hours, install the Ring Shape Metal Towel Rack on the base, and use a screwdriver to tighten the screw connections between the connector and the base.

Installation height and position of Ring Shape Metal Towel Rack:

The installation position is generally: vanity, on both sides of the bucket or squat, bathtub, faucet to the door, toilet door next to the installation, etc., it is important to play a substantial role in the aesthetic effect.

Grounding reference, installation height: 0.9M-1.4M above the ground of the towel ring.

For the vanity as a reference, installation: the height of the Ring Shape Metal Towel Rack is about 0.55M away from the vanity.

Refer to the bathtub for mounting height: Ring Shape Metal Towel Rack and bathtub between 0.5M and 1M.

If it is opposite the tap, it should be 1.6m above the ground.

I hope that after reading this, you will have a certain understanding of other Ring Shape Metal Towel Rack installation.

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