What kind of false eyelash material there are

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False eyelashes are artificial lashes that are used to beautify the eyes by lengthening and thickening the lashes to make the eyes appear larger, brighter, fuller and more vibrant. Can be used to beautify the eyes everyday, so that the eyes are lovely, can also be used to create a variety of stage effects.

1. Real hair false eyelashes:

Made from natural hair, such as Mink Eyelash, horse hair Eyelash, or even human hair and eyebrows.

2. Artificial fiber false eyelashes: synthetic, woven, combined with sharpening process, fiber hair tail is sharpened, clear thickness. These lashes have a firmer texture, are arranged in an orderly fashion, and have a consistent curvature. When exposed to light, the lashes have a higher gloss than real eyelashes and a slightly lower natural quality than real eyelashes.

False eyelashes:

1. After each use of false eyelashes, stick them back to the collection box according to the left and right eyes (the head of the eye is short and the tail is long).

2. There is glue on the used false eyelashes. You can borrow some of his adhesive and paste it back to the collection box.

3. If the eyelash hair part is stained with glue, it can be moistened with cotton stick and gently removed. Please operate carefully and do not overexert.

4. Since this product is made of pure natural hair, the hair will become frizzy when it is wet and then dried. Please use it carefully and minimize the contact with water.

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