Factory Wholesale Color Supplier 25mm Fake Strip Color Mink Eyelashes

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Mink Eyelash are false eyelashes made from mink hair, usually the tail hair and a small amount of back hair that mink naturally shed. The composition of mink hair is very similar to the structure of human hair, so the false eyelashes are more realistic.

Mink hair is softer than other materials, and the wool is very natural. It is also very easy to process and can achieve the 3d effect of eyelashes.

Mink Eyelash will have to be taken care of when you use them, because they are made of natural hair, so try to use them with as little water as possible, otherwise your eyelashes will become very eyelash.

After each wearing and removing eyelashes, use warm water to clean the glue left on the false eyelashes, air dry them and put them back in the original mascara holder, then store them in a cool and dry place.

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