Servo Driver Depositing Lollipop Production Line

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The servo driver's lollipop depositing production line's actions are controlled by an intelligent motion controller to achieve precise pouring. It is also the most advanced The servo driver deposits lollipops on the production line. The characteristics of the servo driver lollipop depositing production line are high performance and high output, and the produced lollipop tastes good. It can make all kinds of lollipops, such as pure lollipops, striped lollipops, double-ball lollipops, double-flavored lollipops, two-color ,single-color lollipops, etc. The servo-drive lollipop depositing production line consists of a sugar dissolving tank, syrup gear pump, storage tank, microfilm vacuum cooker, depositing machine with cooling tunnel, and stick insert machine.

Ningbo Youlu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a food production equipment manufacturer and exporter established in 2013.We are a manufacturer dedicated to the research, development, and production of candy-making, chocolate-making, and packaging machinery. Our company mainly produces hard candy depositing machines, lollipop depositing machines, soft candy depositing machines, toffee depositing machines, chocolate depositing machines, die-forming hard candy production lines,die-forming lollipop production lines, die-forming soft candy production lines, and packaging machinery.

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