The Brief Introduction to Automatic Wall Switch Assembly Machine

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This wall switch automatic assembly machine can assemble the wall switch automatically; it has an automatic detection function, an automatic alarm stop function, a continuity test function, and a debugging function. This machine can do automatic counting, and you can set the output on the touch screen. It has an intuitive interface that is simple and safe. We have cooperated with many famous enterprises, such as CHINT, DELIXI, Panasonic, Siemens, Marquardt, Havells, Salzer, and other famous enterprises. Our products and services have won the recognition and trust of more than 500 customers. Desheng is striving to become an expert and outstanding service provider in the automation industry. 

DESHENG is a high-tech manufacturer with advanced automatic intelligent equipment manufacturing technology and independent intellectual property rights. Since 2009, DESHENG has provided many automatic intelligent equipments to the switch socket appliance industry, relay industry, low-voltage appliance industry, precision electronics industry, auto parts industry, and new energy industrial control products. Our products were exported to all over Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America and have won the recognition and trust of more than 500 customers. Our customers include Marquardt, Siemens,Panasonic, Chint, Delixi, Nader, SRIL Electric, Longsheng Electric, Dongnan, Havells, and other famous enterprises. DESHENG has established manufacturing standards in cooperation with industry leaders. From design,structure, component procurement, assembly, and testing, we always follow strict standards and keep improving.

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