Universal Modular Fuse Slow Blow Micro Fuse

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AOLITTEL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. , established in 2006. Aolittel specilized in production of surface mount fuse, micro fuse, pico fuse, glass fuse and associated products. Aolittel which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, with plant area 5,000 square meter located in Dongguan city , which is widely known as World's Factory .Our R&D consist of experienced engineers with rich occupational history from world famous brand. Our production department always keep at least 50~70 well-trained workers , as well as some freshman for backup . Therefore, we can produce qualified product with competitive price and fast delivery !To meet customer’s requirements , we have obtained RoHS,REACH,CQC,CCC,CE,UL,CUL,IEC,VDE,KC,PSE etc. global certifications.

Universal Modular Fuse Link 12x6x9mm Time Lag Micro Fuse 5A 250V 300V 350V 500V

Fuses are made of a piece of metal that will melt when too much power passes through it, effectively disrupting the circuit and preventing that power surge from reaching your appliance. However, once that piece of metal melts, you'll need to replace the fuse to restore the connection. To some homeowners, this represents too much of a hassle. However, fuses remain a highly effective option for overcurrent protection.

Fuses represent a less expensive route for overcurrent protection. They also react faster than a circuit breaker, and they are believed to be more failsafe than breakers because they contain fewer moving parts. The metal either melts or it does not. Circuit breakers, on the other hand, could potentially fail if the inner workings prove faulty. Because they react slower than a fuse, appliances and electronics could potentially be damaged.

Replacing a fuse requires careful attention to the amperage of the circuit. Installing a 30 amp fuse on a 20 amp circuit could ultimately lead to an electrical fire.

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